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Destination Space: January School Holidays

Destination Space: What’s On these holidays?

Come visit Science Space this Summer for DESTINATION SPACE, our January School Holiday theme. Join us as we rocket to the moon and have you back in time for dinner! It’s been 52 years since humans first stepped on the moon and with our planetarium show, Fly Me to the Moon, we shall be taking you back to walk in Neil Armstrongs footsteps.

Saturday 18th December – Thurs 27th January (special activities start 2nd Jan). Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers are now accepted!

Special Holiday Activities

  • Moon Crater Sphero racing – Race our Sphero robots across our re-created Moon surface. First to the flag pole wins!
  • Astronaut Badge making – Design and make your own button badge to take home.
  • Space selfies – Dress up as an astronaut! Capture an epic photo of your virtual trip to the Moon and share it on your socials.
  • “Moonbase ONE” Planetarium Show – The Moon has always captivated humanity. Join our VR games developer on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbour, the Moon. Produced by Melbourne Planetarium, this brand new show features TV presenter Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen. (paid show, daily, 12:15pm & 1:45pm)
  • “Fly Me to the Moon” live Science Show –  NASA is returning to the Moon in 2024 but getting there might be a bit dangerous! Come and learn about space travel in this fun, interactive show for the whole family. (daily, 12pm & 3pm)
  • Rocket Launcher design your own paper rocket and test it on our launcher – who’s will go the highest?
  • Constellation Pictures – recreate the Big Dipper or other known constellations in this fun creative activity. You just need some black laminated card and stars!


Space Camps 10 – 21 January
(for ages 6-12) 

Join Science Space as we take you on an astronomical journey starting on earth, launching into space, landing and living on the moon! You will learn all about space travel, our solar system and the technology that helps keep our astronauts a float…literally. Tickets are $99/child/day.


The Schedule:

Monday 10 Jan Tuesday 11 Jan Wednesday 12 Jan Thursday 13 Jan Friday 14 Jan
Monday 17 Jan Tuesday 18 Jan Wednesday 19 Jan Thursday 20 Jan Friday 21 Jan

Astronaut Academy
Ready to launch! Design the ultimate astronaut suit, try some real space food, build a spacecraft prototype and launch a space shuttle outside!

Lunar Landers
Take the next giant leap! Build a lunar lander, create a Sphero robot moon rover and help program a drone to navigate through Outer Space using scratch coding techniques.

Moon Mission
What will it take to live on the Moon? Take part in our astronaut glove challenge, design and construct the ultimate Moon base and discover if there really is life out there in Space!

Robot Hack
Compete in our Third Annual Intergalactic Battle Bot Championship, invent a space junk scooping robot and design franken-toys for the first kids living in Space!

LEGO Film Making
Calling all junior filmmakers who love LEGO! Recreate the first Moon landing and other intergalactic scenes using stop motion film making techniques.