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SciFri Cinema by Science Space: A cinema experience out of this world!

This year, we launched the very first indoor starlight cinema experience in the Illawarra: SciFri Cinema!

We are bringing you a gold class cinema viewing experience of some of the best Science Fiction films of all time under the most digitally advanced Planetarium in Australia.


Mark your calendars! Here’s your 2019 Show Schedule!

15 March – SciFri Cinema – Classic Films in Planetarium – Blade Runner

12 April- SciFri Cinema – Classic Film in Planetarium – The Incredibles 

5 July –  SciFri Cinema -Classic Films in Planetarium – Alien

2 August –  SciFri Cinema-Classic Films in Planetarium – Back to the Future 

6 September –  SciFri Cinema-Classic Films in Planetarium – Tron 


Buy your tickets for the next show HERE!

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