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#4 – Rhodamine 6G | Project Chemistree

#4 – Rhodamine 6G | Project Chemistree

Not all Chemists wear lab coats.

Take Associate Professor Adam Trevitt and his team at the Laser Laboratory Group. They’re interested in “photoactive” molecules; when you shine light on them, the molecules change how the light looks and behaves. It’s quite hard to look at some of these changes in light so you need special machines. Adam’s lab is filled with them. Once we understand how these molecules work, we can use them to make things like solar panels work better.

You can find an example of a photoactive molecule hanging on the Chemistree. Flask number 4 has been donated by Adam’s team. It’s called Rhodamine 6G and you can watch the video below to watch what happens when you point a laser at it!



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