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Whether you are a member of the public or a school group, a must-do part of visiting Science Space is watching a LIVE science show. Our amazing team of science Ambassadors delivers a suite of engaging and interactive live science shows covering a range of different scientific topics. We are regularly reviewing and updating our suite of shows, and often run special themed shows for school holiday periods.

Shows run regularly on weekends and during school holiday periods for the public, be sure to check our booking link for the most up to date schedule of shows.



Bubbleology is our most popular show for mini scientists! Find out what bubbles are made of, learn why bubbles are so stretchy and lazy,  and watch us put a brave volunteer inside a giant bubble. Science concepts include liquids, mixtures, surface tension, evaporation and air pressure.

*Available for school group bookings 
*25min duration
*Recommended for younger audiences Preschool to Year 4



Our most popular show for older children and adults! Witness some truly ‘cool’ and sometimes explosive experiments using an incredibly cold substance – liquid nitrogen. Discover what really happens when liquids boil, learn about frost bite and find out why the Sydney Harbour Bridge shrinks on a cold day. Science concepts include thermal contraction/expansion, boiling points, pressure, temperature, the effects of freezing, cryogenics and changes of state.

*Available for school group bookings
*25 min duration
*Recommended for Years 5 to adults


Fly me to the Moon

Have you got the right stuff! Learn all about what it takes to become an astronaut and the forces and challenges they have to get to the moon.

*Available for school group bookings
*25min duration
*Recommended for Year 3 to 12