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Introducing DIGISTAR 6.

Today's opening Hours: 10am - 4pm
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In 2018 we welcomed the latest addition to the Science Space Planetarium experience. DIGISTAR 6 is a 4k laser projection system designed to take you on an entirely immersive tour of the Universe, a journey back through time or to the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean.

DIGISTAR 6 has also come with a whole new suite of Planetarium shows and tours. Experience the Universe like never before in this Australia-first exclusive!

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Current Planetarium Features

Below is our full list of planetarium shows on offer. Please call ahead during the school term to see what shows are running, and check our weekend schedule page. During school holiday periods we run extended hours and additional showtimes, so please always be sure to check for the most recent and relevant information to plan your visit. You are able to enjoy an immersive planetarium show for a small charge above entry.

Solar System Expedition

Join our intergalactic flight assistant as we tour through our solar system and beyond. Visit planets, galaxies and more as we discover our place in Space. Our first fully live planetarium show here at Science Space!

Musical Universe

Art and science combine to take you on a musical journey of our universe where you learn about the true scale of the universe. This guided tour starts at science space and goes out to the edge of the universe and back again then through the planets. A must-see show developed in house!

  • 20min duration
  • Recommended for all ages

Moonbase One

The Moon has always captivated humanity! Join our VR games developer on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbour, the Moon. Produced by Melbourne Planetarium, this brand new show features TV presenter Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen (Good Game, Spawn Point).

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for ages 8+.

We Are Stars

Roll up, roll up! Come inside and experience the Universe like never before. From the Big Bang to the modern-day, explore time and space from the comfort of our Planetarium. Narrated by award-winning Hollywood actor Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit).

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for Year 5 to adults

Sea Monsters

Travel back 80 million years to a time when the dinosaurs ruled! Follow two marine reptiles called Dolichorhynchops as they journey through perilous waters and dodge massive underwater sea monsters.

  • 40min duration
  • Recommended for Year 5 to adults

Perfect Little Planet

Perfect Little Planet is our most popular show for our mini astronomers. Imagine taking the ultimate space holiday, travelling the galaxy to find your ideal place. Perfect Little Planet travels through our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Join them as they fly over the surface of Pluto, dive over ice cliffs, sail through the rings of Saturn, the lightning storms of Jupiter and walk on the surface of Mars. Produced by Clark Planetarium, USA.

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for younger audiences aged Preschool – Year 4

Invaders of Mars!

Invaders of Mars! explores the Martian surface as seen by Earth’s various spacecraft “invaders” and use the data gathered to explore the red planet as only CGI can.  Invaders of Mars will fly you over the great chasms, canyons and volcanoes, descend amid the ice of a Martian polar cap and are buffeted by swirling dust devils. Blinded by the planet-wide storms which engulf this world from time to time we emerge to discover a whole new world which is the red planet Mars.

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for Years 5 to 12

Ice Worlds

For most people, Ice is something they find in a refreshing drink but ice is more exotic and exciting than we can ever imagine. Its role in our universe, our planet and our existence is only now being understood. Introducing, Ice Worlds, your fully immerse tour of the universe and the worlds and wonders made up by ice.

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for Years 5 to adults

Capturing the Cosmos

Narrated by award-winning Australian actor Geoffrey Rush, Capturing the Cosmos highlights current research being carried out by astronomers in Australia. New and innovative telescopes are finding things we’ve never seen before and will help us to better understand our Universe! Produced by the Melbourne Planetarium, Scienceworks.

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for Year 5 to adults

Violent Universe

Violent Universe is our latest planetarium show for older audiences! Comets, asteroids, and meteors hurtling through space. Stars collapsing under their own gravity. Infernos of nuclear energy releasing their deadly radiation across the universe. Witness the raw power of the cosmos in this thrilling show that gives you a front-row seat to watch as worlds collide! Narrated by acclaimed actor Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X Men). Note: This show is not available for school bookings.

  • 30min duration
  • Recommended for Year 7 to adults