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School STEM Excursions

Schools…Let’s Join Forces!

Looking for a fun but educational STEM excursion for your students? Stimulate your students’ natural curiosity with two floors of interactive science exhibits and inquisitive science and planetarium shows suitable for students from preschool through to high school. We can accommodate group sizes of 20 to 300, and tailor excursions to ensure your group is getting the most out of their experience.

All school bookings are essential.

To make your excursion go smoothly as possible, please click the link below to learn more about school visits at UOW Science Space:
School Visit Information & Risk Assessment


What To Expect

Interactive Exhibits

Our exhibition gallery consists of over 90 hands-on exhibits that demonstrate STEM in action. The majority of our exhibits are aligned to the NSW Curriculum and our team support you in finding ways to engage students in STEM activities through the use of our interactive exhibits. ticket to the world

Science Shows

Bring the facts to life with our interactive science demonstrations. From Liquid Nitrogen to Bubbleology, we offer a selection of inspiring science shows presented in our Science Theatre.
With links to the NSW curriculum, shows are approximately 30 minutes long and are adapted to suit all ages and abilities.Learn More


Witness the wonders of the universe in the most digitally advanced Planetarium in NSW. School students can experience
our full-dome immersive Our Place in Space, where they will learn about the solar system from a live presenter.Learn More


Can’t make it to Science Space? The stars can always align with you through our innovative outreach program that brings our science shows to your school. Or, if you are looking for an
‘out of this world’ experience, the team can bring the stars to you through our mobile planetarium. In addition, we are now offering hands-on outreach STEM activity workshops for small groups using our classroom sets of the latest technology.Learn More
star trails outreach on the road


Tinker, create, make in our STEM Zone – it’s a one-stop-shop for hands-on student STEM engagement. We offer special, tailored small group STEM experiences to school groups.
Head to our STEM Zone page to learn everything on offer for your school visit.Learn More


Standard School Visit (science show, planetarium show, mini STEM workshop + exhibits) 2.5 hours $16.75
Dedicated STEM ZONE Workshop 2.5 hours $16.75
Seniors (science show OR planetarium show + exhibits) 90 min $14
Scouts (min 30, max 140) 90 min $20


Booking Your Visit

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Our ABN is 61 060 567 686.

Please note:

  • Minimum group size is 20 school students (or seniors)
  • A Science Shop visit can also be factored into your excursion and should be requested when booking. Most schools allow students to purchase souvenirs from the Science Shop which provides the opportunity for them to practice addition and cash handling in a real-life retail environment.
  • Our kiosk is currently closed during school terms. Drink and snack vending machines on site available for students.
  • Teacher ratio is 1:12 free (1:5 for groups with special needs and preschools). Additional teachers/adult helpers over the ratio are $14.50 per head.
  • There is no GST on school excursion prices