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Homeschool Days at Science Space

Our exclusive Homeschool Days are back for 2024!

Doors open 9am. Shows and activities start from 10am.

Our dedicated STEM enrichment days for the Illawarra homeschool community and beyond are back in 2024! Held once a term for a full day from 9am-4pm on Wednesday when we are closed to the general public, families will have the opportunity to enjoy interactive shows, take part in an educator-led STEM experience and have free time to explore the exhibitions. Based on feedback, programs will be targeted towards primary school aged children however infants and older siblings are welcome to join in the fun. BYO lunch (or purchase from nearby Innovation Campus cafes) and stay and play all day!

In addition, the Science Shop will also be open all day and offers a wide range of science kits and teaching resources to continue the STEM learning at home.


Dates for 2024: 

  • Term 1 = Wednesday 6th March
  • Term 2 = Wednesday 1st May
  • Term 3 = Wednesday 24th July
  • Term 4 = Wednesday 16th October

NB We will be running different shows and STEM activities each term


  • School age child (P/S & H/S) = $16
  • Accompanying adult = $5
  • Accompanying infant (age 1-4) = $5

Typical Schedule:

  • Doors will open at 9am for check-in at Reception
  • Shows and activities will start from 10am and are repeated throughout the day*
  • Science Space and the Shop will be both be closing at 4:00pm.


Term 1 2024 Program

We can’t wait to welcome back the Homeschool community for our Term 1 program. Explore our Solar System in the planetarium and learn about the sustainability in our new theatre show. This term we will be exploring gaming and technology with 3 different game development running in our STEM Zone and Makerspace areas that cater for different interests, ages and abilities.

STEM Zone/Makerspace = Game Design (technology focus) *NEW*

This term we will be exploring all things gaming and digital design using various technologies including Makey Makey, Pixicade and Bloxels. STEM activities will be running simultaneously in our STEM Zone and Makerspace allowing parents to select the activity that is most appropriate for their child’s age and

Makey Makey Game Controllers (all ages) Spark your curiosity as we turn random objects such as forks, fruit and foil into interactive video game controllers! Learn how conductivity allows digital components to work and how computer hardware ‘talks’ to each other.    
Bloxels (P/S & H/S age) Aspiring video game developers can create a playable platform game prototype using Bloxels. Design custom digital avatars, animations, scenery and much more!    
Pixicade (P/S & H/S age) Turn doodles and drawings into unique, dynamic games with Pixicade! Transform sketches into playable adventures, fueling creativity and problem solving skills in a fun, pixel-perfect way.    


  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
    • Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
  • K-10 NSW Science Syllabus & Yr 7-10 Design & Technology Syllabus
    • Early Stage 1: STe-2DP-T
    • Stage 1: ST1-2DP-T; ST1-7MW-T
    • Stage 2: ST2-2DP-T; ST2-7MW-T
    • Stage 3: ST3-2DP-T; ST3-7MW-T
    • Stage 4: DT4-1; DT4-2; DT4-6; DT4-10
    • Stage 5: DT5-1; DT 5-2; DT5-6; DT5-10


Planetarium Show = Our Place in Space (all ages) *NEW*

Explore the wonders of the cosmos in “Our Place in Space,” a captivating new planetarium show mapped to the NSW curriculum. Journey through the Universe as you unravel the mysteries of seasons, night and day, our Solar System, galaxies, and orbits, illuminating our place in the vastness of Space.


  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
    • Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.
  • K-10 NSW Science Syllabus
    • Early Stage 1: STe-6ES-S
    • Stage 1: ST1-10ES-S
    • Stage 2: ST2-10ES-S
    • Stage 3: ST3-10ES-S
    • Stage 4: SC4-12ES; SC4-13ES
    • Stage 5: SC5-12ES; SC5-13ES


Live Theatre Show = Rubbish Science Show (all ages)  *NEW*

Join us in this interactive and engaging experience as we unveil the fascinating world of up-cycling common garbage. Discover the art of transforming your trash into treasure and explore the science of sound and forces.


  • Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
    • Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
  • K-10 NSW Science Syllabus
    • Early Stage 1: STe-1VA, STe-6PW
    • Stage 1: SC1-4WS, ST1-6PW, ST1-7PW, ST1-8PW
    • Stage 2: SC2-4WS, ST2-6PW, ST2-7PW, ST2-8PW
    • Stage 3: SC3-4WS, ST3-6PW, ST3-7PW, ST3-9PW
    • Stage 4: SC4-4WS, ST4-10PW
    • Stage 5: SC5-4WS, ST4-10PW

To Book

Mark your calendars and book through the link below.


NB. Due to the special shows and activities plus the dedicated booked period, Science Space Memberships cannot be applied on the Homeschool Days.

*NB Please join our mailing list or check our social media in advance before scheduling your visit to avoid disappointment. Activities and shows on Homeschool days are subject to change without notice.