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Sweet Science Camps – Virtual Science Space

Sweet Science At-Home Camps for ages 6-12

Hold your breath, make a wish, count to 3… Charlie Bucket is in charge of the chocolate factory now and needs your help! Step inside a world of pure imagination these April school holidays with a program of brand new STEM camps for ages 6-12!

Sadly, we are not able to run our popular science day camps these school holidays due to the Covid-19 situation. But never fear! Our amazing team has worked tirelessly to create some FREE take-home workbooks for each day with a set of challenges to help to keep learning and having fun with us even though we can’t be at Science Space.

These FREE workbooks are available to any family looking for fun ways to help their children learn and explore whilst learning from home, you simply need to join our Virtual Science Space mailing list and you will be emailed the daily workbooks.

Who are these for?

  • Kids aged 6-12 years who have a love for designing, creating, exploring and inventing

What’s included?

  • An action-packed day full of creative science, technology, engineering and maths activities
  • FREE workbook each day
  • LIVE 30-minute Q+A with Dr. Joh

The details:

  • All at-home camp workbooks are FREE!
  • Simply watch the introductory video & download the workbooks by joining the Virtual Science Space mailing list (VIDEOS WILL BE UPLOADED THE NIGHT BEFORE EACH DAY)
  • After you have read the instructions & made a start, tune in daily at 10.30 for a LIVE Q+A with Dr. Joh where she will pick one challenge from each day and do it with you LIVE and answer any of your questions.
  • Be sure to share with all your friends so you can do it together!
  • Some activities require access to a computer or tablet

Day 1: Chocolate Challenge (Monday 20th April) *

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory needs some safety improvements now that Charlie Bucket is in charge. Design Wonka-inspired boats, bridges, cars and more in this fun-filled day – a must for all mini-chocoholics who like a challenge!

Science Space school holiday camps chocolate challenge



Day 2: Candy Coding (Tuesday 21st April) 

Oh no – the Oompa Loompas are on strike! Charlie needs help programming robots to move lollies around his Chocolate Factory. Explore coding techniques as you program family members through blindfolded obstacle courses and robot challenges.

science space wollongong school holiday camps



Day 3: Marvellous Machines  (Wednesday 22nd April)

Charlie is looking to upgrade and renovate his factory and needs your help! Design and build towers, glass elevators, machines and more. Many wonders await in this camp perfect for all budding inventors, engineers and aspiring oompa loompas!

Science space wollongong school holiday camps



Day 4: Invention Lab (Thursday 23th April) 

Enter Charlie’s invention lab to design crazy candy concoctions that fizz, bubble and pop! Learn about the chemistry behind flavours, design product packaging and make your own sherbet and lemonade!

science space wollongong school holiday camps



School holiday camps wollongong

Day 5: Film Tech Factory  (Friday 24th April)

Calling all junior filmmakers! Join the Oompa Loompas in the Wonka-Vision Room to learn stop motion and green screen film making techniques as you produce some sweet-tastic short films with LEGO.

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