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Women in Physics Lecture 2024

What do theoretical physicists do?: Prof Susan Coppersmith FAA FAIP gives us an insight as to what a theoretical physicist does?
The Science Week celebrations gets into gear, with Science Space hosting the 2024 Women in Physics Lecture
Monday 12th August 2024

This Science Week special will start with doors opening at 5pm for guests to explore Science Space after dark. With the guest lecture starting at 6pm and concluding at 7pm.

The Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) is thrilled to announce that Professor Susan Coppersmith FAA FAIP, a distinguished theoretical physicist from UNSW Sydney, will be touring Australia as the AIP’s 2024 Women in Physics Lecturer.

Join us for an engaging lecture where Professor Coppersmith will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of theoretical physics. Her research spans an incredible variety of systems, from the humble grains of sand to the cutting-edge quantum dots that are paving the way for future quantum computers.

What do theoretical physicists do?

Physics is important because of its intellectual depth and beauty, and also because understanding physics leads new technologies that can greatly enhance our lives.  But how does physics get done, and what is like to be a physicist?  


The physics focus of the talk is quantum mechanics, which says that every subatomic particle has both particle-like and wave-like properties.  Quantum mechanics has enabled advances including lasers and smartphones and continues to give rise to new technologies such as quantum computers. The talk will describe the back-and-forth between theory and experiment that is critical to progress.  It will also discuss the process for becoming a physicist and what working as a physicist is like.

Celebrate Women in Physics

This lecture tour not only highlights groundbreaking research but also celebrates the vital contributions of women in the field of physics. Professor Coppersmith’s achievements are a testament to the impact of women in science, inspiring future generations to explore and innovate.

Meet Professor Susan Coppersmith

Professor Coppersmith is a renowned condensed matter physicist whose work has significantly advanced our understanding of glasses, biominerals, granular materials, and quantum computers. As a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Institute of Physics, and the National Academy of Sciences in the USA, she is a leading voice in her field. Currently serving as Head of the School of Physics at UNSW Sydney, her research continues to push the boundaries of theoretical physics

UOW Science Space

Monday 12th August 2024

Doors open at 5.00pm

Lecture commencing at 6.00pm

Tickets $5 – includes a drink of your choice (beer, wine or soft drink) with a bar service available until 6pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the wonders of physics. Whether you’re a researcher, a student, or simply curious about the world around you, this lecture promises to be an enlightening and inspiring experience.

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