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Bubbles at Home – Virtual Science Space

Hi everyone!

Today marks day 1 of our newly launched >> VIRTUAL SCIENCE SPACE << offering.

During these uncertain times, where most of us are staying home unless necessary there are lots of parents looking for ways to keep their children learning at home.

To support our STEM community, both local and across the digital landscape we will be running a SCIENCE HOUR from 10 am to 11 am local Sydney time from our Facebook page.


Here, we will release a new science video via Facebook + Instagram and run a LIVE Q+A session via FACEBOOK at 10.45 with one of our experts on a range of topics.

Starting from next week there will weekly themes, and a Facebook event to post resources and links to help support at-home learning. However, this week we are getting started softly with our very first release and always a fan favourite…BUBBLES!

In this video, our ambassador Jay takes you through how to do some full bubbles based activities at home.

Enjoy the video below, with full scripts following.





[JAY TO CAMERA] Alright, hello everybody, I’m Jay and I work at Science Space. Today we’re gonna look at three different ways we can make some bubbles at home. So what we’re gonna need is some bubble mix, and for the first one we’re also gonna need some pipe cleaners. So what you wanna do is you wanna grab a pipe cleaner, you can make any kind of shape you want with this.

I’m gonna start with a simple one, I’m gonna make a circle. So I’m gonna bend it around like this and tie it off, just like this. And of course you can dip this into your bubble mix and you can blow. That one didn’t work, doesn’t always work. There, we can get some bubbles just like that. And of course if you’ve got lots of pipe cleaners you can make all kinds of different shapes, here’s one we also made earlier, you can make a nice flower just like that. And of course you can post the ones you’ve made down below and send it over to us as well.

Alright so for the next one what we’re gonna need is some water bottles, so over here I’ve got some bottles just like this. And you’re gonna wanna find your favourite adult at home and you want to cut it in half, cut the top off, so we get something just like this. And so next thing you wanna do, if you wanna grab some kind of fabric, over here we’ve got some kind of cleaning material, and you’re gonna wrap it around just like this. And you wanna tie it off at the top with an elastic band. We’ll grab an elastic band and we’ll tie it off.

And if you’re struggling with this too, you can also get your favourite adult to help you with this. You wanna make sure that you can also see the lip out the top just like that. And so what we’re gonna is we’re gonna dip this into our bubble mix, into the bottom, and then you blow at the top, just like this. And just like that you can make your very own bubble snake at home.

Alright, but of course, if you don’t have all these materials you can use other things you’ve got laying around at home. So I wanna move this to the side for one second and we’ll get our big bucket container over here, and now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this tennis racket. And so you see this tennis racket is made up of lots of little squares, so it’s like lots and lots of little bubble wands, and we’re gonna dip it in here.

And you can blow on it, and you can also wave it around just like that, and so you can make lots and lots of tiny little bubbles. So that’s some ideas for you guys to make some bubbles at home, send them over to us if you make some, and I hope you have fun making bubbles. Thanks from Science Space!





Virtual Science Space is our offering to the community during these challenging times. We are aiming to help all aspiring scientists, engineers and STEM lovers alike to continue their STEM learning at home.

Using our amazing  STEM Team made up of real-life scientists, science students and aspiring educators to we have videoed awesome experiments, fantastic demos (that come directly out of our LIVE science shows) and put together some maker challenges for you and your children to do together at home.

As the COVD-19 situation is evolving at a rapid speed, we have done our best to quickly create these materials. As such, we have not edited ANY of these videos, and we ask that you please be understanding.  All videos will have closed captioning available via our YouTube channel.

Please sure to join our mailing list if you haven’t already to be notified when the latest content is released.