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Cornflour Slime Making – Virtual Science Space

Who doesn’t love slime?

Well, maybe the parents who have to clean it up, but every kid LOVES slime. And guess what? It is SO easy to make at home. We have put together a super simple science experiment for the families at home today to try making their own slime version. Feel free to play with your ratios of ingredients and use some different colours. Maybe record what measurements made your favourite slime consistency and let us know!

What you need:

  • Cornflour
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Wooden mixing spoon…or your hands!








[SHALISA] Hi, I’m Shal, I’m an ambassador here at Science Space, and today we’re going to be making some slime. So to make the slime, you need some cornflour, a big bowl, a jug of water, your favourite colour, and a spoon to mix it. Now, we don’t really need the measuring cup, we kinda just make the slime with feel, and your eyes. So i’m gonna put the food colouring in the water, and give it a little stir. Alright, and now we’re slowly gonna add the water to the cornflour. I’m gonna use my hands. I think we might need a bit more cornflour.

So what kind of consistency are we looking for here?

[JOH OFF CAMERA] I don’t know. 

[SHALISA] It’s a bit of a trick question, the consistency that we’re looking for is a liquid when I’m not touching it, or not applying any pressure, and a solid, when I give it a squeeze. So it’s feeling pretty sticky as I rub it through the bowl, but if I stop mixing it, and move the bowl around like this, it kinda acts just like a liquid. It’s called a non-Newtonian fluid. So what that means is, when no pressure is applied it acts like a liquid and it rolls around like a nice thick milkshake, but when you apply pressure, it becomes like a solid, kinda hard to show. There we go, so when i’m adding pressure to it, trying to rub it off my hand, it goes really thick and dense and sticky, and it drips off my fingers like this. 

[JOH OFF CAMERA] What happens if you try and hit it?

[SHALISA] What happens if I hit it? Alright we’re gonna slap the slime.


[SHALISA] So when I hit it, my hand just touches the surface, it doesn’t really go very far, it hits a bit of resistance. Right, if I just let it run off my fingers, kinda just looks like liquid.

And it’s really that simple, and we wanna see your slime, so hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, tag us in your creations, use your favourite colour. Make sure you ask mum and dads’ permission first, but get in the kitchen and get mixing!



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