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Flower Pressing for Beginners – Virtual Science Space


Botanists have used flower pressing for hundreds of years. Create your own mini flower press to preserve flowers, leaves and buds from around your playground or backyard. Did you know a botanist is a scientist who studies flowers and plants? As a budding botanist yourself, it is important to collect as much information (or ‘data’) about your samples. This will help with accurate identification in the future and assist scientists with research into where particular plants are found over time.

What you need:

  • 2 x wooden squares (base and top) or heavy books
  • 2 x thick rubber bands
  • A cardboard box 
  • A selection of freshly picked flowers, buds, leaves and grasses

What to do:

Step 1
Record some information about your plant samples in your journal.

Where did you collect them? What date? Draw a labelled picture.

Do you know what type of plant or flower it is? You could do some research in a book or on the internet.

Step 2

Cut 4 squares from your cardboard box that match the size of your wooden squares (2 from the lid, 2 from the base).

Place your flower and leaf samples between the layers of cardboard like a sandwich.

Position the stack on the wooden base. Place your other wooden square on top and secure in place with your 2 rubber bands.

Step 4

After 3-4 weeks open up your flower press to check on your samples.

If you are happy with them, carefully lift them off the paper squares using tweezers.

Step 5

You could start a scientific collection of specimens in a scrapbook. Add in the information you recorded when you collected your samples.

You can also paste your pressed samples onto a wooden box or piece of furniture using watered down PVA. When dry add a top coat of varnish over the top to protect.



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