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Lolly Tower Challenge – Virtual Science Space

Love building? Love lollies? Well, have we got a challenge for you!

Here is your excuse to get your parents to grab some extra lollies for the weekend as we challenge you to build the tallest tower of lollies you can using just your brain, some toothpicks and lollies…LOTS of lollies. Ok well, the restrictions of this challenge are only 10 lollies per tower….BUT we encourage you to build many towers 🙂

What you need:

  • Toothpicks (30)
  • Lollies (10)
  • Your engineering hat

Challenge Parameters:

  • Use only 30 toothpicks
  • Use only 10 lollies
  • Build the TALLEST tower you can by using only these materials



Think about your favourite building.

What shape is it? What about the roof on your house?

What kind of shapes are really strong and why do they stay standing? Try and recreate your house using the materials you have – can you add a chimney?

What about an extra floor? If things keep falling over, how can we brace them?

Try googling a picture of what your walls might look like before plasterboard goes on top. The wood frames inside them are often braced with diagonal struts. What shape do those end up forming?






[MOLLY] Hi guys, my name is Molly and I work here at Science Space. As well as working here I’m also an engineering student, and as an engineer we like to build things, we design them and then we test them to see how well they work. Now today I have a bit of a challenge for you guys, I wanna challenge you to build the tallest tower you can but there are some restrictions. As an engineer sometimes the location we wanna build in is set, sometimes the amount of materials we have is set, we can’t use too much. So for you guys today I wanna see how tall of a tower you can build using just thirty toothpicks, and ten- you can use lollies or marshmallows or whatever you have on hand. So yeah just combine the two and see how tall of a tower you can build today. I look forward to seeing your creations, please post them down below, add them in comments, and yeah I’m very excited to see them!




Virtual Science Space is our offering to the community during these challenging times. We are aiming to help all aspiring scientists, engineers and STEM lovers alike to continue their STEM learning at home.

Using our amazing  STEM Team made up of real-life scientists, science students and aspiring educators to we have videoed awesome experiments, fantastic demos (that come directly out of our LIVE science shows) and put together some maker challenges for you and your children to do together at home.

As the COVD-19 situation is evolving at a rapid speed, we have done our best to quickly create these materials. As such, we have not edited ANY of these videos, and we ask that you please be understanding.  All videos will have closed captioning available via our YouTube channel.

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