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Paper Chain Challenge – Virtual Science Space

Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind… it’s tearable…

Paper. It is one of the most versatile crafting and creating substances around. But did you know that paper is not only amazing for creating with…it can also be used in epic science demonstrations! In this challenge, we ask you to make the longest paper chain you can, using the supplies you have at home. In our LIVE Q+A to follow, we will also do our world-famous MOBIUS STRIP demos that you can try yourselves. It is mind-blowing!

What you need:

  • Paper – lots of it! Whatever you have leftover, doesn’t need to be clean or fresh
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Stapler (and staples of course)





[PARIS] Hi guys, my name is Paris and I work here at Science Space. We’ve got another little Maker Challenge for you to do at home. All you’re gonna need is five pieces of paper, a pair of scissors, and either some staples or some sticky tape. Now make sure you get your favourite adult to help you out with this, especially when you’re using the scissors. So all you need to do for this one is make the longest paper chain that you can out of the materials that you have. So simply just cutting the paper however you think will make it the longest, taping it together and ensuring that you’re making a chain that looks something like this. So what we’ll get you guys to do if you decide to do this challenge, post it on Facebook or Instagram, and tag us and show us how long you can make your paper chain. Thank you, see you next time!



Virtual Science Space is our offering to the community during these challenging times. We are aiming to help all aspiring scientists, engineers and STEM lovers alike to continue their STEM learning at home.

Using our amazing  STEM Team made up of real-life scientists, science students and aspiring educators to we have videoed awesome experiments, fantastic demos (that come directly out of our LIVE science shows) and put together some maker challenges for you and your children to do together at home.

As the COVD-19 situation is evolving at a rapid speed, we have done our best to quickly create these materials. As such, we have not edited ANY of these videos, and we ask that you please be understanding.  All videos will have closed captioning available via our YouTube channel.

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