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STEM Zone For Schools

Our STEM Zone is a purpose-built workshop created with the support of South32 Illawarra Metallurgical Coal to deliver bespoke, hands-on small group STEM learning to schools. The workshop is fully equipped with classroom sets of the latest technologies as well as engineering and building materials to enable in-depth STEM learning and augmenting experiences in our shows and on the exhibition floor.

We encourage all school groups who book with us to include a STEM Zone Challenge as part of their visit and have prepared a set of engaging challenges for all ages detailed below.

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STEM Zone Challenges

We have 4 different 30min STEM Challenges that we will adapt to the student year level and learning needs:

Tower Challenge Yr K-10

  • Explore the Engineering Design Process as you build the ultimate freestanding tower from limited materials! Are you up for the challenge?
    Yr K-2: Build the tallest tower possible
    Yr 3-6: Build the tallest and strongest tower – must hold a weight for 30 seconds


Create a Creature Challenge Yr K-10

  • You have discovered a new species unknown to science but have forgotten to pack your camera. Create a model of your creature before it runs away! Think about the physical characteristics and behaviours of your new species and assign a name like a biologist based on Latin terminology. Explore habitats, adaptations and more!


Bridge Challenge Yr 3 – 10

  • Explore the Engineering Design Process as you construct a bridge from K’nex and restricted materials. Your bridge needs to stretch across the river and hold as much weight as possible!


Boat Challenge Yr K-10

  • Yr K-2: Explore buoyancy as we test whether different objects sink or float. Build a boat out of aluminium foil that can float and hold the most amount of mass possible!
    Year 3-10: Compete in our sailboat championship as you build the ultimate vessel! Learn about buoyancy and streamlined shapes as you explore sailboat engineering design.



All STEM Zone Activities are Proudly Sponsored By:

South32 Science Space Wollongong