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Virtual Science Space

Welcome to VIRTUAL SCIENCE SPACE! Virtual Science Space is our offering to the community during these challenging times. We are aiming to help all aspiring scientists, engineers and STEM lovers alike to continue their STEM learning at home. 

Between 10am and 11am every weekday, our amazing  STEM Team made up of real-life scientists, science students and aspiring educators will be coming to your socials with a range of at home science experiments you can join in, showstopping expert only science demos and daily LIVE Q+A session on Facebook.

We release new science content and challenges just before 10 am each day and we hope your family will make 10 am to 11 am your SCIENCE POWER HOUR! You can set this time aside to try out our daily experiments, or watch our demos and learn something new every day. When you have any science-related questions or want to learn even more about each daily topic, you can tune into our Facebook LIVE session with Dr. Joh  at 10.30 am who answers all your amazing questions.

How to join in

  1. Sign up to the Virtual Science Space email list
  2. Just before 10.00 am EVERY WEEKDAY, you will receive that day’s science experiment video link via email & social media
    1. On that day’s experiment page will be:
      1. A video
      2. Short text instructions with required supplies
      3. Full video scripts
      4. Link to activity sheet if available
  3. Just before 10.30 am EVERY WEEKDAY, hop onto our Facebook page (video section) to join Dr. Joh for a LIVE Q+A session.
    1. All Facebook LIVE sessions will be recorded and posted onto that day’s experiment page after completed so families can view all content afterward if they weren’t able to join in that day

Please sure to join our mailing list if you haven’t already to be notified when the latest content is released.




26 March 2020Bubbles at HomeCLICK HERE TO VIEW
27 March 2020Balance ChallengeCLICK HERE TO VIEW


30 March 2020Magic MilkCLICK HERE TO VIEW – ** Worksheet Available**
31 March 2020 Slime MakingCLICK HERE TO VIEW **Worksheet Available**
1 April 2020Balloon KebabCLICK HERE TO VIEW
2 April 2020 Mini CatapultsCLICK HERE TO VIEW – **Worksheet Available**
3 April 2020 Static ElectricityCLICK HERE TO VIEW


This week, we are putting the focus on you, my friends! We have prepared a set of super awesome STEM Engineering challenges to put your learning to the test.

To take part in this week’s set of challenges, we encourage you to collect as many bits and pieces as you can to help design and build the very best set of ‘things’. PRIZES ARE AVAILABLE FOR BEST DESIGNS DAILY!

Types of items you should start collecting/purchase/have ready:

  • Balloons
  • Bottle caps
  • Paddle pop sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Straws
  • Empty milk bottles
  • Empty cans
  • Empty toilet roll holders
  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Blu tac
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Paperclips
  • Old CDs
  • Old takeaway containers

And remember, after you view your quick daily video page, please hop onto our FACEBOOK PAGE for our LIVE Q+A session at 10.30 AM where Dr. Joh will be doing the challenge LIVE with you!

6 April 2020Balloon Powered Car ChallengeCLICK HERE TO VIEW
7 April 2020Strongest Boat ChallengeCLICK HERE TO VIEW
8 April 2020Paper Chain ChallengeCLICK HERE TO VIEW
9 April 2020 – Lolly Tower Challenge – CLICK HERE TO VIEW
10 April – Good Friday – HOLIDAY





Science at home
Where we show our audience things they can do at home with their parents and provide worksheets

Super fun demos
These are very short, fun videos of demos that are part of our longer shows. 

STEM maker challenges
These are really short videos where we are challenging our audience to try and do different activities at home think: the biggest, the longest etc we really encourage you to get involved.

STEM Makers Kit – DIY supplies – **UPDATE THESE ARE ALL GONE**

What’s this Makers kit for?

We assembled and distributed 87 FREE STEM  makers kits to help support our local community choosing to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This FREE makers kit was been assembled with excess maker materials from our STEM ZONE on 25 March.

Who is this pack for?

We are sharing these with our community in this challenging time to help those aspiring scientists, engineers and STEM lovers alike to support continued learning at home. All these kits have now been collected. If we find we are able to assemble more we certainly will let our community know.

What is in this kit:

1m alfoil

Plastic cylinder

Cardboard cylinder

Parachute figuring

2 foam stickers

2 misprinted membership cards

2 squares of blu tac

5 cotton balls

5 straws

5 pipe cleaners

5 feathers

Rubber mat

5-10 elastic bands

Bubble wrap

10 paddle pop sticks

3 Pom poms

1 wooden spoon

1 cardboard shield

 a magnifying glass, 

spin top 

1 pack of rocket balloons



That’s it for now, HAPPY STEM MAKING!

-The Science Space Team