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Welcome to our online store!

We have hand-picked some of our most popular and most engaging STEM products to help you and your science-loving children enhance their learning at home.

*Please note: some of these products may be currently unavailable, please click through to the online shop to check availability.

Lie Detector Kit Bubble Science Kit Explosive Volcano Experiments Kit Glitter Slime Kit Glow in the Dark Slime Kit
Learn about electricity as you build your
own lie detector!
Ages 6+
This fun science
kit is packed with experiments and
interesting facts about
the science of bubbles.
Ages 6+
Lava blasting volcano fun! Make your own erupting volcano with this 24-page science
book and kit.
Ages 8+
Make your own glittery slime with this fun chemistry kit. Ages 8+ Make your own glow in the dark slime with this fun chemistry kit.  Ages 8+
$26.95 $20.95 $26.95 $8.95 $8.95
Grow Crystal – Ultimate Science Kit Hot Neon Slime Kit Make Your Own Slime Kit My 1st Electric Circuit Volcano Excavation Kit
Learn chemistry! Includes everything you need to grow your own crystals. Real crystal specimen included.
Ages 8+
Make your own neon coloured slime with
this fun chemistry kit.
Ages 8+
Attention all
slime-ologists! Mix
together the ingredients
to create your own gooey slime!
Ages 6+
Learn about electricity!
An ideal gift for a young inquisitive mind, this science kit contains instructions for 3 fun electrical experiments. Ages 6+
Be a geologist for the day! Dig into the rockin’ world of igneous rocks with this fun excavation kit. Ages 6+
$26.95 $8.95 $4.95 $26.95 $10.95


Roots and Shoots Kit Snail World Worm Farm Kit
Learn about biology! This
kit allows you to observe
plant growth that is normally hidden.
Ages 6+
This Make Your Own Snail World Kit, is perfect for
the kids who love the outdoors.
Ages 6+
Understand the wriggly world of worms. You won’t believe what they do! Ages 6+
$26.95 $21.95 $21.95


6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit Water Science Kit
A fantastic kit for kids that teaches the basics of solar power principles.
Using the components you can construct 6 different solar models.
Dr Toy winner –
Top 10 Best Educational Products. Ages 10+
Learn about how the process of filtration can be used to purify water. Ages 10+
$19.95 $24.95


Build Your Own 3D Space Shuttle Glow in the Dark Solar System
Build your own 3D space shuttle model. Includes 6 puzzle sheets with 60 pieces.
Ages 8+
Take a trip into Space with this cosmic kit! Inside you’ll find everything you need to complete your very own glow-in-the-dark solar system model.  Ages 3+
$9.95 $24.95


Placemat – Period
Table of Elements
101 Cool Science Experiments Book Placemat – Bugs, Insects & Arachnids Cardboard Race Cars Giant Rainbow Glitter Spring
Get familiar with the periodic table as you
eat with this periodic
table placemat! A colourful, eye-catching laminated placemat with the periodic table and learning exercises.
Ages 0+
This 208-page paperback book contains
instructions, hints,
fun facts and a scientific explanation so children learn while they’re
having fun.
Learn all about bugs, insects and arachnids with this placemat! A colourful, eye-
catching laminated placemat featuring
your favourite creepy crawlies. Ages 0+
Build and customise 2 cars with working
pull back wheels.
Ages 8+
Walk down stairs and demonstrate waves with this giant rainbow glitter spring. Ages 3+
$11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $4.95 $24.95
Hexbug Bettle Placemat – Stars and Constellations Super Sand Mega Springer
The hi-tech HEXBUG® Beetle will travel
in a straight line until it
hits an object in
its path or hears a loud noise.  Ages 8+
Learn all about the stars and constellations with
this placemat! A colourful, eye-catching laminated placemat with the
Northern and Southern Hemisphere views.
Ages 0+
This super kinetic sand moulds like magic!
Contains 500g of non-
toxic sand in a resealable
Ages 6+
A loosely coiled metal slinky which can be poured from hand to hand or even made to walk down steps. 6cm diameter.
Ages 5+
$18.95 $11.95 $4.95 $10.95