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Virtual Science Space 2023 – Science at Home

Stuck in lockdown? Never fear! Science Space has got you covered. We have a whole bunch of fun activities planned to keep your minds active – the best part? It’s all using items you’ve already got at home or can pick up during your regular shop.


What’s On?

Our Experience Officers are running entertaining virtual workshops to keep your students busy at home while learning science! As you cant visit us at the moment then let us bring Science Space to you in the classroom or in your homes.

Destruction Challenge

Design and destroy! Join us as we create incredible LEGO or craft based structures and test them to see if they can survive a natural disaster. 


LEGO, ruler, shallow tray and something to simulate a disaster with e.g. portable fan (for tornado), rock or heavy ball (meteorite impact), watering can of water (for rain storm), thick piece of cardboard on top of balloons (DIY shake table).


Shipyard Challenge

Join our virtual shipyard as we design the ultimate vessels! Experiment with buoyancy and weight as we create cargo ships and sailboats.


Cardboard, straws, paddlepop sticks, small plastic containers, rubber bands, tape, skewers, paper, a fan, plastic tub of water (underbed storage tub will work great), towel for spills, rocks for weight


Bridge Builders

Attention all junior engineers! Construct the ultimate bridge that can stretch across a river and hold as much weight as possible.


Small boxes, paper cups, straws, cardboard, pipe cleaners, paddlepop sticks, scissors, tape, rocks as weight, ruler or measuring tape.


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