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Balance Challenge – Virtual Science Space

Are you up for the challenge?

This physical science video is all about looking at our centre of gravity. What is it exactly and how can we test our own balance? Check it out!

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[PARIS] Hey guys I’m Paris, I’m an ambassador here at Science Space. So today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the center of gravity that we all have right in the centre. So right here is the center of gravity. If you move it to the side a little bit you might get a little bit unbalanced, and move it to this side, unbalanced as well. But when you’re standing right in the center, that’s when you’ve got the most balance. So we’re going to test this a little bit, I’m going to need a volunteer, we’ve got Olivia here who’s also an ambassador. So the cool thing about this is she has no idea what’s about to happen so it’s gonna be a little bit surprising for her. So the first thing we’re gonna do is- Liv I’ll get you to just stand balanced here and then lift up one leg. So you’re still pretty balanced because you’re still in the center of motion. But what we’ll get you to do is move to the wall here and have one arm and one leg touching the wall. So now try and lift your leg up. 


[PARIS] Yeah so you can’t really do it. So now we’re gonna try another little one. What we’ll get you to do Liv is to bend down and touch your toes. So that’s pretty easy because you’ve got your back arching out so that you can kind of balance all in the center. Now what I’ll get you to do is to go right up against the wall, and then try and do it again. 


[OLIVIA] That’s so strange. Nup. 

[PARIS] So that’s kind of an example of how the centre of gravity gets a bit displaced when you’re not all in the centre. So the fun thing about this is that if you have someone who doesn’t really know what they’re about to do, like Olivia, you can kinda trick them and show them how you can’t really be balanced when you’re touching a surface. Thanks guys!



Virtual Science Space is our offering to the community during these challenging times. We are aiming to help all aspiring scientists, engineers and STEM lovers alike to continue their STEM learning at home.

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