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Introducing DIGISTAR 6.

Today's opening Hours: 10am - 4pm
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In 2018 we welcomed the latest addition to the Science Space Planetarium experience. Introducing DIGISTAR 6, a 4k laser projection system designed to take you on an entirely immersive tour of the Universe, a journey back through time or to the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean.

DIGISTAR 6 has also come with a whole new suite of Planetarium shows and tours. Experience the Universe like never before in this Australia-first exclusive!

Love classic Science Fiction movies? This year, we launched the very first indoor starlight cinema experience in the Illawarra: SciFri Cinema!

New planetarium show:

The Moon has always captivated humanity! Join our VR games developer on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbour, the Moon. Produced by Melbourne Planetarium, this brand new show features TV presenter Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen (Good Game, Spawn Point).

Paid show, screening weekends at 11:45am and 1:45pm, recommended for ages 8-adult